Ok, I think I want to go in a new direction with this blog. (This is Sarah speaking, by the by–that will be pertinant information later, so write that down. I’ll wait while you get a pen and paper…yes, a crayon and a napkin will work–just write it down. Got it? Good.) So, my main intention with the blog now will be to write the story of the cubicle dweller Finch Terwilliker (Finch the Superb) and her eventual rise to super villainy. I think I’m going to have a lot of fun writing this and it should be pretty awesome to read. Who am I kidding? Of course it’s going to be awesome– I’m writing it. From time to time, I may write something as myself, (“myself” being Sarah as you noted before) and if so, I will put it in a different category so no one is confused and no one at my work thinks I’m plotting to take things over. Also, even though Finch is fictional, you may recognise things that actually happened in my life or people I know. A helpful hint to know if something is about you: If it’s good, then it may be about you; if it’s bad, it’s not. All right. So expect the first real Finch post this Friday!